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BHRT Saliva Testing

What Is It, And Why Do I Need It? Saliva testing is the most reliable way to measure free, "bioavailable" hormone activity-- hormones actually doing their job at the cell level. These free, or unbound, hormones are what we want to measure, since they are available to the target tissues such as the breast, uterus, brain and skin. Most blood tests do not measure "bioavailable" hormone levels. Saliva testing a ...

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Benefits of BHRT

What Are the Benefits of BHRT? Relief of Menopause Symptoms: Hot Flashes & Night Sweats Increased Anxiety, Depression & Mood Swings Vaginal Dryness, Atrophy, and Painful Urination Loss of Concentration and Memory Sleep Disturbances Dimineshed Sex Drive, Painful Intercourse Loss of Muscle Strength Urinary Incontinence The hormones we use are biologically identical to the hormones your body produces n ...

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