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Wound Care

About Wounds

A wound is an injury or damage to the body’s tissue and appears under the surface of the skin as a bruise or on the external surface (skin).  The dermal layer can be broken, cut, pierced, torn, or worn.  The pain they cause can range from bothersome all the way to debilitating.
Wounds can typically be classified into two categories: open or closed.  Examples of open wounds include abrasions (scrapes), incisions, or lacerations while closed wounds can be contusions (bruises), hematomas (collections of blood in tissue), or crushing injuries.  Some wounds, such as venous stasis ulcers or those with an infectious origin, are more difficult to classify.
Wounds can be acute or chronic.  Acute wounds are caused by some immediate damage done to the tissue while chronic wounds usually occur through a slower process that eventually leads to tissue damage.
As our age increases and our health declines, wounds become more difficult to heal.  This can be due to disease states, certain medications, or poor nutrition, just to name a few.  It is important to receive appropriate care for all wounds.  If left untreated, many complications, ranging from infection all the way to death, can occur.

What We Do…
If you are frustrated because your current therapy is no longer providing benefits or if your wound has taken a turn for the worse, we might be able to help.  Our compounding expertise can provide you with an alternative medical approach to treat your wound.  At the Medicine Shoppe, we can provide medications to help reduce pain, decrease bacterial infection, stimulate the healing process with tissue growth, or a combination of these processes.  These individualized applications can be made as creams, gels, ointments, or custom irrigation solutions.  This provides us with the ability to deliver medicine to a specific site on your body which helps prevent side effects that can be seen with oral medications.
Below is an example of the dramatic impact our services can provide:

The patient is a 64 year old, white male.  His condition was ambulatory and the first mention of decubitus ulcers dated back to 9-4-1998.  He was being seen at a particular wound care center (WCC) for about 6 years.  With traditional prescription therapies showing minimal improvement in his condition over most of that time, we suggested a change in therapy based on our compounding knowledge.  Shortly thereafter, as per our recommendation, the patient switched to a different prescription medication regimen.  Using our recommendations and compounds, the patient had a substantial wound recovery.  His progress can be seen in the following pictures.
The wound was 6.0 cm long, 4.0 cm wide, and 1.0 cm in depth.
The wound continues healing. Other wounds on body have completely healed.
The wound was 2.0 cm long, 1.0 cm wide, and 0.5 cm in depth.
In order to visually appreciate the size reduction, keep in mind that in all three photographs, the piece of tape that shows the date is the exact same size.  This patient’s success was due in large part to an appropriate compounded medication regimen as well as proper nutrition.  These factors together plus the counseling we provide can help heal wounds that are stubborn in responding to more traditional methods.
Product Selection…

While a great deal of our products are available only by prescription, we also have a large selection of over-the-counter wound care items.
We have products that can help dry wounds with excess exudates (fluid which has seeped out of tissues or vessels due to injury) or products that wet the wound to help promote granulation and healing.  Products that are used for covering, protecting, or just wrapping another dressing are available as well.  If you need a product that we do not have in stock we can typically have it in by the next morning.  The staff members have extensive knowledge of the dressings and can help any patient with any wound

Regularly Stocked Products:

Coverjet Dressings
Nexcare Clear
Water-proof and Assorted Tapes
Skin-Prep Protective Wipes
Coverjet Eye Occlusor
Nexcare Coban
Surgitube Gauze
Kling Rolls Bandages
Povidone Idonine Prep Pads
Latex Gloves
Salonpas Patches
Uni-solve Adhesive Remover Wipes
Adaptic Dressings
Dynarex Surgical Sponges
Mesalt Dressings

Regularly Stocked Products:

Tegasorb Dressings
Bard Protective Barrier Film
Kendall Assorted Sponges and PadsOpsite Flexigrid
Toothette Disposable Oral Swabs
Dakins (Quarter & Full Strength Solutions)
Kendall Curity Packing StripsPuritan Tongue DepressorsTrustworth Surgical Masks
Duoderm Dressings
Lemon Glycerin Swab SticksSuture Removal Kit
Xerofrom Petrolatum Dressings

For those that live an active life, we also have braces for sports injuries and skin protectors for the hand to prevent or treat pressure ulcers caused by rigorous yard work or contact with sports equipment (golf club, tennis racket). 

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