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About Us

Our Shoppe Family…

We are here to serve you and your family’s needs.  We offer personal, professional service and a strong commitment to your health care.

This is a private area dedicated to providing you with additional health information in a variety of ways.  It has books, pamphlets, and other literature available on a wide variety of health issues.  There is also a computer available with power point presentations.  The purpose is to allow patients the opportunity to be proactive with their health.  You can learn more about the information your doctor may have given you to prevent illness or better manage conditions you have.  This room is also used for health presentation and special clinics (i.e. flu shots, hearing testing, etc.)  It is an area where staff can have private training time with you, or consultations if you have questions about medications, treatments or conditions.  This room is also used as a fitting room for persons needing compression therapy garments.

Compounding Pharmacies are ones that work with your physician to put together unique prescriptions that are not mass produced.  It may be a combination of powders not usually produced together, or a strength not normally made.  Each compounded prescription can take from 15 minutes up to one or two days to make!  Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is an area that uses a great deal of compounding.  We also work extensively with pain management, wound care, and veterinary compounding for your favorite pets.  For more information, go to the Compounding page of the website or call or come in and ask us how we may be of help!  We will do our best to make you more comfortable.

No matter what the weather, we’ll deliver your medicine within the local area for free!  We now offer delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays only (except in the case of emergency).

The reason we stay small is because we like knowing the people we’re helping.  With insurance plans setting the prices on your prescriptions, it really comes down to time spent with individual patients like you!  We have the willingness, ability and atmosphere to make you more comfortable and satisfied with your experience.  Our purpose is to serve our community, and we work hard at that every day!

We have a convenient drive-up window, and we will mail medications to any location. 

We have two fitters on staff for compression therapy garments, and home fittings are available if needed!

Did You Know?
    That we are compounding pharmacy?
    That we specialize in treating the Diabetic patient?
    That we sell compression hosiery?
    That we will special order products just for you?
    That we carry wound care, ostomy, and urological products?
    That we stock all kinds of home health care merchandise?

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