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Prescription Hosiery

What If I Need Something Stronger?

Here at the Medicine Shoppe, we require a prescription for anything 20 mmHg or stronger. While it is not illegal to sell them without an RX, the liability increases dramatically because of the potential of possible harm to the patient.  Prescription strength stockings are for patients who have more than minor circulation problems.
The main compression page on this website has a list of some symptoms that might suggest a need for greater compression than OTC stockings can provide.

Prescription strength hosiery comes in a variety of styles, lengths, colors, and sizes.  Fitting a patient with this type requires an appointment first thing in the morning with a certified fitter to ensure the best fit.  It is important to measure your legs at the time when they are the least swollen, so that the stockings you need will do the job your doctor intended for them to do for the rest of the day.

Call us anytime for your personal fitting appointment!  We even offer in-home fittings for those who cannot get to us!

Who needs to wear Compression Hosiery?
Diabetics and persons with various circulation problems such as:
1) Edema/Swelling
2) Venous Insufficiency
3) Varicose Veins
4) History of Blood Clots
5) CHF
6) History of Slow Healing Wounds
7) Lymphedema

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