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The Art of Compounding…

When we envision ancient apothecaries who mixed their treatments by hand with a mortar and pestle to heal the ailments of their patients, we usually assume they’ve disappeared on the wings of history.  Once, all pharmacies compounded medications to meet each doctor’s unique prescriptions, but mass production by large drug companies made compounding a dying art.
Thankfully, this practice has experienced a resurgence over the last two decades.  Today, about one percent of all prescriptions are carefully prepared by compounding pharmacists who work directly with physicians and their patients to meet special needs.

How would it benefit you?
If you don’t respond to mass-produced medicines or get too many side effects; if you have allergies to one or more ingredients; if you need a strength or dosage form that is not available commercially, or it has been discontinued, then you may be a good candidate!
We solve all kinds of challenges to help improve your quality of life, including those of your favorite pets.  Oral preparations can also be specially flavored to suit any taste bud!

What can be treated with a compound?
Menopausal symptoms/hormonal imbalances, wounds, chronic or temporary pain, skin problems, tendonitis, sprains/strains, and motion sickness just to name a few!  Ask how we can help you!

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