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BHRT Dosing and Administration

Hormones are very potent so it is important to use only the amount your doctor has prescribed.  We would be glad to help monitor your symptoms and report them to your doctor when dosage changes are needed.  Just call us and report your symptoms, and we’ll fax them over to your doctor’s office.

You need to rotate your application sites so as not to overload the receptors in your cells.  The most appropriate to use are fatty, muscular areas such as the inner thigh, outer thigh, and buttocks.  This allows the hormones to slowly leach into your bloodstream over the course of 5-6 hours.  Make sure you rub the dose in very well.  If needed, you may add some body moisturizer to the area if the hormone cream seems to thicken or caking occurs.  Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after use so as not to “share” your hormones with others.

Some doctors recommend using your wrist to apply your part or all of your recommended dose to the application site, or applying a small dab of your dose onto your wrist or other thin-skinned areas.  This should only be done with a hormone you wish to drive into your bloodstream quickly for immediate effects.  Progesterone applied at bedtime on a thin-skinned area can cause a feeling of calm, relaxation, and maybe even a little drowsiness.

Progesterone can also be applied topically on breast tissue during times of the month that you have any breast tenderness, or if you have problems with breast cysts.  Progesterone directly applied to the affected breast once per day for 5-7 days in a row can help reduce the size of cysts.

1) Store your hormone creams in the “light-tight” bag or box that they are dispensed in, and keep them at room temperature away from light and high humidity.  Don’t leave them in a car to get too hot or cold, and when traveling in an airplane take your creams as a carry-on item.
2) Keep all your syringes tightly capped to prevent creams from drying out.
3) The dispensing containers are not child proof, so please store out of reach of little ones.  Please teach children or grandchildren that it is medicine, and try not to apply your dose in front of them, as the applicators may look like a “fun toy” to them.
4) Please give us a one (1) week’s notice on refills, especially if we need to get dosing changes from your Doctor. 

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