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Body Fitness Profile

A Fit Body is a Productive Body!

You looked yourself over and you have decided that you and your diet could stand a little fine-tuning in the fitness department.  Or maybe you want to find out how well you’re doing on your current fitness plan.  Either way, The Medicine Shoppe Body Fitness Screening is a great step in the right direction.

A fit body is a healthy body, and we all know our performance is at its best when we feel healthy.  Today, more than ever, the emphasis is on nutrition and fitness.  So, come visit us and take this simple, pain-free test that will determine the ratio between your lean body mass and body fat content.  We will even provide you with a detailed, personalized guide for exercise and nutrition to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Important Note: Remember to always consult your doctor before starting any form of diet and exercise plan to determine if you are healthy enough to do so or if there are some things that need modified for your lifestyle.

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