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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Mentally strong people have healthy habits. They manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that set them up for success in life. Check out these things that mentally strong people don’t do so that you too can become more mentally strong. 1. They Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves Mentally strong people don’t sit around feeling sorry about their circumstances or how others have treate ...

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Healthy Eating Series: Sun-Dried Tomato and Mozzarella Garbanzo Burgers

Guest Author:  Rebekah Barkhauer I made this recipe to help my family on their quest for healthy meals!  I personally try to reduce my meat intake, and this makes a protein rich, tasty alternative!  I opted to bake (instead of fry) these patties to make them healthier yet!  I made believers out of my family, with this recipe, when I told them that garbanzo beans (chic peas) can taste good!  It's all in the ...

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Healthy Eating Series: Making healthy choices in life….

by Guest Author, Teresa Fullerton When it comes to your diet and daily exercise, wow, it’s amazing the plethora of choices available on both topics.  How does a person choose the right path for their own life?  And, it really is a personal choice, a personal decision.  Think about all the diets, or lifestyle options we’ve been exposed to over the last 20-25 years.  We can be vegetarian, vegan, a ‘Weight-Wat ...

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Healthy Eating Series: Italian Veggie Stir-fry

by Lynn S. Karant, Business Manager of The Medicine Shoppe It is my turn to share a recipe for our healthy eating series.  Our family has made a conscious choice over the past year and a half to try to eat healthier.  For us that meant cutting back to whole grains, eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts, eating more chicken and fish, and less beef (and the added benefit was that we all lost weight - woo-ho ...

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Healthy Eating Series: “A Grain Free Diet”

by Guest Author: Mariana Kapusinski As a 34 year old mother of three, looks aren’t everything. What is important is feeling good, being “healthy,” and okay yes, losing a few pounds wouldn’t hurt either. My unintended quest for these three facets of a woman’s life began in June 2012. My oldest child was almost 6, my middle child was 4, and my youngest was almost a year old. It was time to take control of my ...

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Shingles Vaccine

What do I need to know about the Shingles vaccine? BY: DAYNA RUFF Have you ever asked yourself or someone, “Do I need to get the Shingles vaccine?” If so, then this article is just for you! First, you may be wondering, “What is Shingles?” Shingles (also called Herpes Zoster) is a painful outbreak of a skin rash or blisters. This is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. Symptoms include burning, t ...

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Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

What is DME? Durable Medical Equipment, or DME, is a term used to describe medical equipment that is available for home use during injury or illness. DME can be used in a variety of situations, but most commonly, DME is used to improve a patient’s mobility, comfort, and/or quality of life.     Who uses DME?   Persons who are injured or have recently undergone surgery Athletes and non-athletes ...

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Clostridium Difficile

Clostridium Difficile  (klo–strid–ee–um  dif–uh–seel) What is Clostridium Difficile? Clostridium difficile (C. difficile), which is also known as C. diff, is a spore-forming bacteria found in feces.  The bacteria cause a toxin-mediated response, which means they release a poisonous substance that causes the symptoms of the infection. How does C. difficile cause infections? C. difficile spores enter the body ...

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Could You Be Depressed?

by Jenna Evans, NEOMED PharmD Candidate 2013 Everyone has felt down in the dumps at some point. For patients with depression, however, being sad or depressed does not go away quickly. The National Institute of Health estimates that about 15-20% of patients of all ages suffer from depression, but nearly 50% of them are undiagnosed.  The cause of this is two-fold: 1. Depression has a bad reputation, and most ...

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