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Protect Your Pets this Spring

Protect Your Pets this Spring
Spring time and the Easter holiday bring flowers and other plants into your garden and home.  The aroma and appearance, however, may be appealing to more than just you.  Things we may never think of sticking in our mouth may look far too tempting for our four-legged house mates.  One little nibble could mean serious health problems for your beloved pets.  Please be aware of what is being brought into the house or growing in your yard!  Make sure that house plants, floral arrangements and other flowers that are in the house are out of reach of curious mouths.  And when you are planting, make sure that anything you plant, that is in an area your pets have access to, is non-toxic.

If you are unsure whether or not a plant in your house or garden is poisonous, there are various websites that you can visit.  The following two are ones that we feel are more informative:

If you believe your pet may have eaten a toxic plant, contact you local veterinary emergency center or animal hospital right away.

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is dedicated to the health of your entire family, no matter how many feet they may have 🙂
Take a look at the list of some common, toxic plants that could enter your home around Easter!

And Speaking of Easter…

Remember that none of your Easter candy (especially chocolate) should be shared with your pets.  It can be extremely toxic or even fatal!

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